Simple toolkits making life easier for developers. Charge1’s expert tech support team can help with any integration questions. Device manufacturers can use direct connect to pre-equip their products to with the Charge1 platform. Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android devices include a mobile card reader library which simplifies integrations for applications requiring encrypted mobile card readers.  An end-to-end encryption is also included, allowing you to send both swiped and keyed–in payment information without ever touching sensitive information.

The Charge1 payment device SDK for Windows and Linux lets developers integrate software with software with multiple payment terminals. For Windows developers, you are able to download a payment device emulator so you can be up and running without the need for a payment device. The Windows emulator SDK includes:

  • Example client source code demonstrating simple integration for your own applications.
  • Payment gateway integration guide and API documentation for Windows.
  • Example server binaries that work with a Windows virtual payment device.   


Our gateway integrates with more than 125 third party shopping carts. Collect.js provides access to a popup form which securely captures payment data then generates a token. This allows our merchants to minimize their PCI compliance footprint with fewer changes to the customer experience.  Collect Checkout is a hosted checkout page that can be integrated into most web-based payment workflows, living entirely on the gateways servers, ensuring that no payment data ever touches your environment. 

 Our gateway acquired USAePay in 2021, there is an ongoing process of integrating the platforms. Existing USAePay partners can continue to provide solutions for merchants using the USAePay SDKs and APIs. Our Webhooks allows merchants to receive near-real-time notifications of events happening on their account, while the Query API lets integrators “pull” information from the gateway, webhooks “push” information to the integrator.