Our gateway makes it easy for you to start accepting payments online.  More merchants are moving online. Charge 1 give you the tools you need to create the best solution for accepting cards online. Start processing with us with easy to use functions that streamline your business.

Charge 1 offers simple solutions to create and link to hosted payment pages allowing you to accept payments in minutes, generating buttons, check out links or QR codes without any need for development. Accept payment s with confidence, as our gateway ensures all payments are safe and complaint. We offer advanced services like screen suspicious transaction for fraud and reuse tokenized cardholder data and give your merchants a singular view of each customer.  


Provide your customers with a seamless in person experience. Charge 1 gives you everything you need to power simple yet fast EMV payments for your in person merchants.  

Customers expect a seamless experience when paying in person at shops and restaurants. Charge 1 gives you everything you need to power fast, simple EMV payments for your in-person merchants. 

Charge 1 has the perfect terminal for everyone, whether it’s for retail stores, restaurants, hospitality or something on the go, we have something to suit your needs. All terminals accept chip and contactless payments. We offer a selection of quality retail payment devices and EMV payment processing. 


Take your business wherever you go with Charge1 mobile.  Smart phones are the new age way of accepting and making payments.  Charge 1 allows you to serve both needs from either a smart phone or tablet providing the best solutions.  Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay from anywhere. Tap on phone lets merchants accept contactless payments on their smartphone with just a tap from a customer’s contactless – enabled card or mobile wallet. Take charge of your business from the palm of your hands with a smart phone or table using the iProcess application made for Apple and Android devices.  We offer mobile card readers to simplify mobile card accepting.